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Ed Reardon's Week

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The current seven series of the Radio 4 comedy Ed Reardon's Week, about the travails of a middle-aged writer struggling and snarking through his impoverished life literary. In many ways the series is a modern retelling of New Grub Street, Gissing's novel about the tension between hack writing the need to eat and artistic aspiration in late-19th century London, with a metric tonne of sarcasm and sitcom added to the mix. (Basically, unlike the novel, nobody dies of pneumonia by the grey, cold sea.)

You'll probably like it if you also enjoy: Black Books, middle-aged has-beens seeking solace in wit and the bottle, George Gissing's creative angst, George Gissing's creative angst undermined with fond, comic fatalism, etc.

All of the series are in convenient .zip archives, except series five, where I got confused. Anyway, I rather enjoyed the series and figured I'd pass it along.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5 (... is in a folder so the episodes have to be downloaded individually. I screwed up! Very sorry.)

Series 6

Series 7
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