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Bookshelf Meme

grabbed from lathaina

Favourite Type(s) of Books:

In sheer numbers ... general literary fiction, 19th century and Modernist.

Least Favourite Type(s) of Books:
Ones printed on cheap paper pages that tear if you breathe on them too harshly.

The book(s) currently on your bedside table:
Industry and Ethos, a book about Scottish history, Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnameable (all three novels in one slightly-too-bulky edition) by Samuel Beckett, and Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde.

The author of most of your books:
Terry Pratchett wins, with thirty-odd Discworld books. Dude's prolific! The mystery series probably come next. Rankin, Sayers, Dexter, and Hill.

The book (or author) which changed your outlook on the world:
PG Wodehouse. I started on him freshman year of high school. His brand of gentle humor was a life-saver. His books made me a lot happier and peaceful, and convinced me to laugh at everything because the world is an absurd place, which is what the average teenager needs amidst all the ... adolescence.

The book which taught you about the world you live in:
Alllllll of the books.

Favourite Fiction on your shelf:
You can't make me choose.

Favourite Non-Fiction on your shelf:
Benjamin Franklin's autobiography and Carl Sagan's works.

Favourite Memoir on your shelf:
... Hm. What's the difference between memoir and biography? The scope? I'd have to check.

Favourite Biography on your shelf:
John Adams by David McCullough. It's pretty great. If you're interested in that period of history and that particular figure (and his awesome wife), you should read it.

Favourite Poetry Collection on your shelf:
A collection of poems by Philip Larkin, recently.

Favourite Picture Book on your shelf:
I've got a copy of The Hobbit with big full-page stills from the animated adaptation.

The Book on your shelf you can’t quite finish:
Judith Butler, you do go on.

The Book you read in a day:
Maurice by EM Forster and A Passage to India ... also by EM Forster.

The Book on your shelf that you will probably never read:
I'm never going to read most of my reference-y books cover to cover.

The Book that still makes you laugh:
So many things in Inspector Morse. Mostly by dint of conversations with my best friend when we were both reading the series.

The Book that still makes you cry:
The Remorseful Day, Colin Dexter; Arthur & George, Julian Barnes ... I tend to get misty-eyed when a lot of books end because it's like when you've been visiting people for awhile, staying in their house, or they've been staying with you. You get used to having them around and then it's really sad to part ways.
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