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So I played the Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC

Have terrible cold and sore throat. Send me your home remedies. I'm trying to drown myself in lemon-honey tea but it isn't helping, and I am loathe to turn to medical science until I reach a stage where I require, like, a tracheotomy. That point does not actually feel far off. Blah.

Anyway! Dead Money: 

What is this about two Couriers "at the Divide". Is one of them supposed to be Jesus or something? You know how you get to the end of Deep Space Nine and Sisko fights those Bajoran spirit things and their magic evil book and ascends to the Celestial Temple and you're like "So ... is he a Q now? No? Who put fantasy in my sci-fi? gtfo" That, all over again. Is it just a jazzed-up grudge match? Why then do the Dead Money companions all talk about it like it's visions and prophecy and wishy-washy-woo?

Some of the monologuing suggests the writer (is it Chris Avellone again?) and Hideo Kojima need the same editor, an uber-editor, a prince among men who can sop up all the soppy bullshit.

Tone aside, uh, it was fine! I was knocking the Ghost Stalker people out and chopping their heads off long before anyone tipped me off to do so, I'm just bloodthirsty by nature, I guess. Cavorting on the rooftops is something that not enough games allow you to do, so that was nice.

So here I am chilling with the Most High:

Note he's threatening to tear off my Pip-Boy and wear it as a necklace. The thing is, if he did, I'd tear off his balls and wear them as earrings. Was sick of this guy about 10 seconds after meeting him. Good at punching ghost people, though, so I suffered him to live.

And here is Courier the courier. Forced to scavenge the villa for an outfit, he's adorned himself in a collar and an Assassin Suit. He looks a bit pissed off. That's because they took his bonnet. It's like Indiana Jones's fedora, James Bond's tuxedo, or Superman's cape. It's part of the look.

Once back in the Mojave: "Metal Spoon added. Boxing Gloves added. Toaster added." Ah. Yes. The tools of my trade.

Verdict: At ten dollars, it's a decent hour or two of content. However, it's a lot of dealing with locked doors. The speakers-that-blow-you-up were amusing.

Now I'm going to go have words with my companion who left me helpless and unconscious to be abducted and conscripted into some stupid Most Dangerous Game-y heist. How did you get out of the room, eh? Couldn't drag me out with you? Bastard. 

Then I'm going to watch the last episode of Mad Dogs again and try to make complete sense of Maria and Quinn.
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